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Courses now being offered:

Non Violence Crisis Intervention
Mental Health First Aid Basic
Fall Protection
H2S Alive
Emergency First Aid & CPR C
Standard First Aid & CPR C
Automated External Defibrillator
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Incident & Accident Investigation
Hazard Assessment
First Responder
Oxygen Administration
Fire & Safety Awareness
Workplace Violence & Harassment
Elevated Work Platform
Fork Lift

COMPLETE SAFTEY TRAINING.  In April, 2016 we changed our name. We are still the same company that you have come to rely on but our name reflects our growing course offerings more accurately.

Rick Courtney, CEO


CFAST First Aid & CPR Student saves life

In September 2014 we found out that one of our students, a daycae worker, used her CPR skills and saved a life.  She witness a car accident in Hammonds Plains, NS. The driver of the car was having a heart attack.  He went into cardiac arrest at the scene and the fast thinking daycare work recognized the situation was critical and pulled the unconscious man from the car and began chest compressions for 12 minutes until EMS arrived. The paramedics used an AED and saved the man’s life. If not for the fast thinking daycare worker the outcome would have been gravely different.  Great job!

Rick Courtney, CEO of CFAST

An Affiliate of Lifesaving Society

The Life Saving Society is recognized by the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Environment to teach Emergency and Standard First Aid.  Our courses also includes CPR and training in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator.  We are please to have expanded our partnership with such an outstanding organization who have been provide excellence in Lifeguard and Pleasure Craft training for many years. The Life Saving Society is recognized under the Canada Labour Code. You can find them listed at the following government website:

Rick Courtney, CEO of CFAST

CFAST student saves life with CPR

Nov 6, 2009

Nov 6 was just another day for Karen M.  She was dropping of her co-worker at the Portland Street Superstore where they both work, when another co-worker ran out to her truck and said that there was an elderly man unconscious inside the store. Karen jumped from her truck and ran inside and discovered the man was cardiac arrest.  She said to herself “Oh my God, it’s up to me to do something.” Wasting no time she started CPR. She continued chest compressions with the help of her co-worker, Nancy, until EMS arrived 10 minutes later.  The man was hooked up to an AED, shocked and revived.  Way to go Karen for your unselfishness and quick willingness to help.  Because of your actions you saved a life!

Rick Courtney, CEO of CFAST


CFAST instructor saves life with CPR

May 11, 2009

Congratulations to our instructor Gordon L. who performed CPR on a man last week and saved his life. Cool headedness and determination gets the job done.  CPR does save lives and here’s proof.  Way to go Gordon.

Rick Courtney, CEO of Courtney’s First Aid & Safety Training Inc.


CFAST Growing

May 11, 2009

Our 2008 Annual report is very encouraging for the future of our company.  CFAST (Courtney’s First Aid & Safety Training Inc.) has seen a dramatic increase in business in 2008 and first quarter figures for 2009 shows the same increase trend continue.

2008 was a year of dramatic change for the company.  We changed providers and our approach to delivery.  Our customers have reacted very positive to the change and continue to call on us for return business.  We added several new trainers to our portfolio and new products which also has been received very positively

What’s in the future?  We intend to continue our high quality training  and products that we always had and expand into new markets.  As always, we continue to grow and train our leadership team with the most advanced training tools available. In today’s economic troubled marketplace it is important that we watch our bottom line and keep competitive with pricing. We continue to seek out the best providers that meet our needs to help keep our costs at a minimum without jeopardizing quality products or instruction that we are best known for in Atlantic Canada.

Thank you again to our training and sales team. You continue to demonstrate your loyalty and exceptional work.  Our past and future success is because of you.

Rick Courtney, CEO