Travel Safety Tips

10 Tips for Safer Holiday Travels

1. Check out for Canadian Government travel advisories and alerts on countries prior to booking and departing.
2. Leave a family member or a friend a copy of your itinerary and contact information for your hotel.
3. Stay Alert. Criminals everywhere look for opportunities to commit crimes. If you look like an easy target then you’ll be inviting to them.
4.Blend in!
– Don’t look like a tourist!
– When you first arrive – look at how the locals are dressing
– Don’t have a Camera around your neck
– Don’t have a Tourist map sticking out of your pocket
– Ask your hotel personal for directions not people on the street (you’ll be less noticeable that way)
5. Leave your valuables at home.
6. Secure your luggage with TSA approved padlocks.
7. Secure your laptop with a laptop lock.
8. Secure your cash and credit cards. Tell your credit card provider. where and when you are travelling. Take only one credit card.
9. Don’t take unplanned excursions to isolated areas.
10. Trust your instincts. If you feel threaten get out of the area fast!

Enjoy the holidays and your travels. Be travel smart all year long.