Dear Valued Customers,

As a safety training company we have carefully selected a group trainers from the world of education, psychology, construction and emergency medical response who bring with them on-the-job experience in all the topics they teach.  We have a professional responsibility as safety providers to give you the best training possible backed up by years of research and proven teaching practices. We continue to be industry leaders and trend setters in demonstrating our steadfast commitment in safety.

You, our customers are our most important asset. We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage to us as we look forward to bringing you the right products and training for your needs.

We’re here for the long hall. On behalf of myself and my team, thank you for your confidence in us since 1995. As safety professionals we are dedicated to continuing our commitment to our community to make it a safer place to live , work and play.


Rick Courtney , BA, CSS, CCRIM, EMR 

Rick has been a safety trainer since 1995 and has worked in wide variety of business, such as: safety, security, policing, entertainment industry including TV, film and stage, government, parks, construction, forestry, food industry and charity. Rick has been a volunteer in his community for more than 35 years. He is the author of a number of safety manuals and has contributed to numerous papers on first aid and safety.