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More than a Defibrillator… A Full-Rescue AED

“Help for Infrequent Rescuers
When They Need Help the Most

image1 2015 Guidlines – A Complete Road Map for Resuscitation
A picture is worth a thousand words. The AED Plus’ unique graphical interface—pictures combined with text displays and voice prompts—helps the rescuer every step of the way. Lights on the pictures draw the rescuer’s attention to actions in the proper sequence. Text and voice prompts correspond to the pictures and help the rescuer perform every important life-saving action. These pictures and prompts assure that everything is done in order and that shocks, if required, are delivered rapidly.

image2 One Electrode Pad Is Easier than Two
Ordinary AEDs require that the rescuer use two confusing electrodes. ZOLL’s Full-Rescue AED features CPR-D•padz,™ a onepiece, pre-connected electrode with CPR Feedback. By using CPR hand placement as the landmark, it is easy to place the CPR-D•padz on the victim quickly. The CPR-D•padz also lasts four years—the longest shelf life of any electrode sold today.

Intelligent Pediatric Capability
The ZOLL® AED Plus™ can defibrillate children up to eight years of age, using the pedi•padz II™ electrodes. When the pedi•padz II are connected, the AED Plus recognizes that a pediatric rescue is in progress. With ECG analysis designed specifically for a pediatric heart rate, coupled with appropriate defibrillation energy levels, the AED Plus can handle both adult and pediatric rescues.

Only One AED Supports the Entire Rescue

Instantaneous CPR Feedback
image3Inadequate compression rate and depth are common during CPR. Adult victims need compressions at a rate of 120 per minute and at a depth of 11/2 to 2 inches. Compressions must be done well to effectively move blood and oxygen. The ZOLL® AED Plus™ converts compression data instantaneously from the CPR-D •padz™ and provides an adaptive metronome to help the rescuer with the proper rate and depth, saying “Push harder” or “Good compressions,” as needed. It also shows CPR compression depth on the display screen. ZOLL’s AED Plus is the only AED that helps the rescuer achieve the correct rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. No other AED has this capability.

The ZOLL AED Plus supports the full Chain of Survival best.

The ZOLL AED Plus improves CPR performance the most.The ZOLL AED Plus


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